My first time busking

A big part of our plans for this trip revolve around us busking.  While Rob has busked many times, I have never actually done it, so a few months back I decided to give it a shot for some experience.  The rage comic below shows what happened.

Despite my warm welcome, I went on to make $6 that night.  1 from a girl who recognised me from somewhere else, and 5 from a guy who I befriended while his drunk mate tried to play some Led Zeppelin on my ukulele.

I think I’ll just learn on the job.

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  1. Ha, that’s awesome! Good luck on busking. The more you do, the easier it gets hopefully!

  2. It is a wild world on the busking scene that is for sure. Although, I have a feeling it will make for some fantastic blog fodder in the coming months. Keep the stories coming lads both in words and illustrations – nice touch cavemen – love you both xx

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